Marib Dam Foundation for social development (MDF) in Marib city Seeks to inculcate the values of love of Marib community and promoting affiliation and service through the promotion of community participation and encourage young people to voluntary work by studying the needs of young people, train and develop their skills and abilities to become actors and participation in community development.

The objectives of MDF are :

– To contribute to a serious and objective in raising awareness among young people

(socially, culturally and healthy)

– Provide for the needs of civil society organizations in the province of technical and

administrative cadres of qualified young people to raise their competence in the implementation of its activities and development programs.

– Find a concerted integrated youth believe in the principle of dialogue and pluralism and the diversity of views and the importance of joint work based on equality and consultation.

– Implementation and establishment of several youth initiatives, activities and youth development projects that serve the community.

– Establishing the principle of the spirit of social tolerance between members of the community to ensure the alleviation of widespread social phenomena affecting the development.

– Create a harmonious society and realize estimated the role of women in development and rights.

– Work with all organizations and governmental bodies and non-governmental organizations to achieve the Millennium Development Goals .

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